Not all monsters do monstrous things…


when you walked into the room just then it’s like the sun came out

Happy 28th birthday Ian Michael Harding! (16 September 1986)


Happy 28th Birthday, Ian Harding!

List of “personal favorite people”:

Any skills that I have, I couldn’t really make money with them. I would like to think that maybe I would be doing something in psychology or something of that nature because I love that vein of medicine - the getting down and getting nitty-gritty - Ian Harding


In the first gif it’s as if Caesar is mirroring Peeta’s leg position, which gives the impression that he’s on Peeta’s side. This boy is most likely going to die, and hes trying to make him comfortable by sitting beside him and making him feel included In the second gif, though, everything is different. Peeta has stayed who he is, but Caesar has changed and is more closed off in his body language. The leg is drawn closer rather than creating the open space. The position is also strange, considering Caesar is interviewing Peeta for the entire country; rather than sitting side-by-side the two men are facing each other which is far more confrontational. Caesar is no longer trying to comfort Peeta, but is challenging him instead. If this were war (which technically it is), he would be fighting against him rather than alongside him.

i thought you’d never pick me and i was right